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Moreland proposed a planning law amendment, C183, however a State-appointed independent planning panel determined council had not adequately conducted surveys and parking plans to understand the consequences of this change. Do you support this proposal to change planning laws that would allow developers to build Zero Car Parking developments in Activity Centres without requiring a planning permit? 

I support evidence-based practice. The gathering of initial data around a situation is critical to developing a full understanding, which will facilitate the development of good policies. The Sue Bolton Moreland Team stands for community consultation and the communities right to object and have a say if a development is suitable for an area or not.

A tribunal revealed that a recent Zero Car Parking development in Moreland had 7-9 cars secretly parked on the street. In order to trust these developments, residents need to better understand their impact on local amenity. Are you willing to support an urgent survey of existing Zero Parking developments, to ascertain their impact on parking in adjacent streets?

I have a background in program evaluation and I fully support evaluation of novel strategies, for example by survey to understand their impacts. I support the evaluation of current Zero-parking developments which would be an opportunity to ascertain if the current policy is working and allow changes to be made if necessary.

The Zero Parking amendment, C183, failed in part because it did not follow the Planning Minister’s guidelines – the need to conduct parking surveys and understand impact on local amenity, and local input. Would you support that the parking restrictions are not rolled out until the parking survey work is completed, so that the use and needs of proposed restricted areas are better understood?

I believe it is important to follow proper processes and to gather data to enable evidence-based practice. I would support the delaying of parking restrictions until the appropriate information is gathered and the community are consulted.

The Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy introduces strict 2hr blanket 8am-8pm parking restrictions across much of Moreland. 2P restrictions Moreland-wide have never been debated in Council Meetings, or had any community consultation. Do you support these Parking Restriction Zones, and would you be open to restrictions going through community consultation for co-design?

 I believe it is important for residents and businesses to be involved with the design as well as the implementation of strategies such as the MITS. Whilst changes to parking restrictions may be called for, without community consultation with base line data, we just don't know. I would be open to parking restictions going through a co-design process.

Many residents feel that the needs of Glenroy, are different to the needs of Brunswick, are different to the needs of Coburg. Do you believe in the idea of one parking plan across all of Moreland, or that areas should be evaluated based on their local usage and needs?

Moreland is a diverse municipality, the transport needs and requirements of the community will vary greatly from area to area, particularly in line with the availability of services such as public transport. I very much believe that it is important for council policies to meet the needs of locals and any policy should be evaluated against local needs. You have to meet people where they are.

One of the central tenets of MITS is that people ‘choose to drive’, and council should make it difficult and expensive to use a car in Moreland, to discourage car use. Do you think this approach is the best way to discourage car use, or are you open to a less punitive approach?

I believe it is important for the way we move around in Moreland, and all of Melbourne to rapidly move to a more sustainable footing. I believe this is most easily and smoothly achieved by providing sustainable options, making them safer and more attractive. It is also important to identify and remove barriers to peoples uptake of these options. When cheap, healthy, sustainable options such as active transport are encouraged and made safer, people will migrate to use them. I am definitely open to less punitive approaches.

Zero Parking developments were constructed and approved on the premise that residents would not impact on local street amenity. This changed in Feb 2020, when council approved ‘Permit A’, which will allow these developments to buy an on-street parking permit. Do you commit to restricting all zero parking developments from obtaining ‘Permit A’?


Given the level of community concern, including our own petition of 1200 signatories, and disregard for the views expressed in community consultations, do you commit to redrafting MITS and the parking restrictions, with an eye to rebuilding the strategy with better community engagement? (Y/N)